2018 Updates & Opening Day Information

With opening day scheduled for May 19th, we’re in the process of finalizing all sponsorships as well as teams. Once we have a definitive head count, we’ll begin putting teams together and notifying parents shortly thereafter. Prior to opening day, parents will be notified by their child’s coach to discuss team information and schedules.

Opening Day activities will begin at Maple Avenue school at 10:30 am where all players will meet to walk in our annual parade, which begins at 11:00 am. We ask that all players wear their league issued jerseys along with their hats.

Please stay tuned for more updates to come. If you should ever have any questions, please feel free to visit our Board of Directors page, social media or via the website.

Registration is still open so if you have a child(ren) that would like to register please visit our registration page.

You can also follow us on Facebook for updates as they become available.

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